What To Expect On Your First Day At Girls Rock Camp ATL

What To Expect On Your First Day At Girls Rock Camp ATL


Only 19 days ’til the greatest week of the year (but who’s counting)! Whether this is your first camp ever or your very last, we thought it’d be good to give you (and your parents, grandparents, friends, or anyone else you’d like to share with) an idea of what to expect when you arrive at Girls Rock Camp ATL. Spoiler alert: it’s awesome.


When you get to camp on Monday, helpful volunteers wearing official GRCATL T-shirts (you’ll get your very own shirt later on) will be on hand to check you in, collect your gear, and take you to the Rock Room (also known as a school library when not being used to rock out) to get ready for Morning Assembly and meet other campers.


Every morning when you arrive at camp, you’ll head to the Rock Room for assembly. Assembly is where we gather and hang out, receive any important announcements, plan for the day–it’s kind of like homeroom. At the end of assembly, we have our Morning Movement.

Morning Movement

What better way to hear new music, get our blood pumping,  and raise our energy up for the day than with Morning Movement! Featuring such fun activities as Heavy Metal Yoga, Punk Rock Aerobics, Hip Hopapotamus, it’ll be the fast 3 minutes you spend each day.

Camp Song

Before we head off to our day, a group of counselors and volunteers will play the GRCATL Camp Song live! To help you learn the lyrics, we’ll have them printed out so you can see the words. But don’t worry, it’s not hard, and like any good punk song, it only has 4 chords! You’ll memorize it in no time–then never be able to forget it.

Instrument instruction

Whether you’ve been practicing piano for years or have never touched a guitar, at instrument instruction every morning you’ll learn what you need to be in a band. Our instructors are awesome and nice musicians who know exactly how to teach kids and teens, so have no fear. You will rock!

Band formation

Your band will be formed the very first day at GRCATL! In order to ensure fairness and equality, we use a random band formation. We do this through a series of fun carnival games so you can be sure the process is 100% random. When you’re done, you’ll meet your band for the first time and together you’ll pick a name! The weirder, the better, of course. Previous band names from years past include:

  • Rainbow Unicorns
  • I Need Space
  • Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
  • Conversation Pit
  • The Breakfast Club is Dead


The first half of the day usually flies by! Grab your lunch from home and head to the Rock Room to sit on the floor with your new friends or bandmates and listen to the first of our daily lunchtime musical performances. Local female musicians come in and perform, so you’ll basically be seeing a private concert every single day! Usually once everyone’s finished eating, a conga line or dance party tends to happen. No big deal.


Afternoon workshops will vary, but you’ll be making a zine, designing your band’s logo, and screenprinting your band’s own T-shirt! You’ll get to flex your artistic side.

Band practice

Your first band practice will be just a few hours after you form your band! This can be a stressful day, but remember to be respectful, listen to each other, and keep an open mind. You also have all week to work on it! We’ve never had a band not make an awesome song over the course of camp, so don’t fret. It always works out!

Closing assembly

The end of the first day, we all gather back in the Rock Room for assembly and get any announcements. We also end the day with another rousing rendition of the GRCATL Camp Song.

The rest of the week is pretty similar to day one, but each day is more and more awesome. Hope this gives you an idea of what your camp experience will be like! We can’t wait to see you.


-The GRCATL team

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