Why I’m a Girls Rock Camp ATL Sustainer

Why I’m a Girls Rock Camp ATL Sustainer

As we start gearing up toward Ladies Rock Camp season, we wanted to spend a little time talking about fundraising and GRCATL. We are so grateful for our many donors throughout the year, but there’s a special class of donors who give every month to help keep us in operation.


Sustainers are the lifeblood of GRCATL, and their generosity helps us keep the lights on. In this post, we sit down with longtime sustainer Kristin Leydig Bryant to talk about why she’s devoted to supporting the mission of Girls Rock Camp ATL.


Q:How did you first get involved with Girls Rock Camp Atlanta?
A: A friend from my book club was volunteering at GRCATL as instructor, and I loved hearing her talk about the camp and how much the girls get out of it. When my niece, who spends part of each summer with me, was old enough, I signed her up. She attended for years as a camper, and now is now a volunteer.


Q: How has GRCATL impacted you or your family’s life?
A: My niece is eager to come stay with me each summer so she can go (she lives 4 hours away). GRCATL has helped me to have a closer relationship with her even though we don’t live in the same town.


Q: Why do you give to GRCATL?
A: I believe that GRCATL helps girls gain confidence, find their voices, and learn interpersonal skills and compassion that  they would otherwise not have until they were much older. The “rock” part is just the scaffolding that gives them a structure and environment for doing so.  The world needs more people with these skills. I see my gift as a way to invest in the future.


Q: What do you tell friends and family about GRCATL?
A: I’m always eager to tell folks that the girls have an awesome time while they learn a lot about themselves as well as how to be in healthy relationships with others. And that the annual end-of-camp showcase is a fantastic show even if you don’t know a single girl in it!


Sign up below to become a sustainer for GRCATL at the amount of your choosing! You can also learn more here or by emailing camp@girlsrockcampatl.org.


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